Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Workout

55 squats with 24kg

My hip popped during the first one, but there wasn't any pain, so I finished up. I'm still not going quite as deep, but I am ok with that. Also, the 24kg is starting to feel easy, so I may try the next bell next week and see how I do.

9 cleans, 9 presses

I used two 10kg bell for this. I am looking forward to moving on the the 12kg bells, the 10s are getting boring. And easy.

9 more squats, 9 swings

I switched bells and used the 24kg for this. It's harder to swing lighter and awkward with two bells versus just one.

1 snatch plus 1 overhead squat. Three sets of three, total of nine.

Two 10kg bells. I should move up to the 12kg, since that is what I am snatching on Mondays, but I am a little nervous about snatching two 12s. I guess I should quit thinking about it and just do it!

TGU, windmill, snatch. Total of 3 TGUs, 6 windmills, 6 snatches.

I have been using a 12kg for this. It's a little challenging, but I am managing. As long as people refrain from making me laugh while I have a 26lb cannonball dangling over my head, I'm good!

I also did 6 push-ups this morning in karate and will do another 18 at tonight's class.

I got some good tips today that will help me with my strength training. I'm happy about that. I want to step up my cardio though, my friend is still out with her ankle. I need to figure up a plan. 

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