Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weight Loss

I did gain a couple pounds, not during the holidays, but after. It may be muscle gain, but I'm not sure. So I am back to being extra careful with what I eat (and snack on) during the day. And I have already lost those couple pounds. A little less than 20 to go to reach weight goal number 1.

Smoothies are my new best friend. My typical breakfast consists of a banana, some frozen fruit, plain greek yogurt, 2 tbsp of PB2, and 1 tbsp of ground flax seed all thrown in a blender and blended. I may add some almond milk if it's too think.

Lunch sometimes is another smoothie with half an avocado instead of a banana and also a handful of spinach. That may sound nasty, but even Shaun loves them and he hates avocados. On other days, I may have sushi or Shaun and I might go out to lunch. Or just plain leftovers from the night before.

I plan dinners a week or two in advance. Last night was pasta with italian sausage, sun dried tomatoes, and broccoli. Throw in some sauteed onions and garlic and white wine, and we have ourselves a meal that everyone likes! I always try to have veggies and protein, but some nights it doesn't happen. And I am ok with that. My biggest difficulty is finding meals that at least 4 out of 5 of us like!

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