Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I was a teensy weensy bit sore after running on Monday. I forgot to stretch since I went straight to kettlebells and my calves hurt!!! I'm glad no one saw me getting out of bed the last two mornings, I have no doubt it was comical!

This morning, I met up with my friend to run on the indoor track at the Y before kettlebells. I definitely slowed down my pace since I was a little stiff. We are doing the 5k101 program and started with Week 2. It's a 5 minute warm up, (2.5 minute run,2.5 minute walk- repeating so that you have 5 "runs"), then a cool down.We got in about 2.25 miles and I made sure to stretch before and after this time. We aren't always able to run together, but we are going to stay on the same week. And I think we are going to plan a 5k so we have a goal!

Kettlebells was good. I got in my whole workout with a little extra. I admit that I am glad next week is Rest Week. Even though it's not really resting. It will be interesting to see how much my strength has increased since the last one 9 weeks ago! Here is today's workout:

55 squats - 24kg

Complex 1
9 cleans - two 10kg
9 presses - two 10kg
9 swings - 24kg
9 squats - 24kg

Complex 2
9 snatches - two 10kg
9 overhead squats - two 10kg

Complex 3
3 TGUs - 12kg
6 snatches - 12kg
6 windmills - 12kg

30 pullovers - 18lb

I honestly think kettlebells has been enough cardio maintenance that getting back into running isn't a big deal. And my core is stronger, that is a big help. I can definitely run longer than 2.5 minutes with no problem. Why don't I? Two reasons. First, I have a running partner to think about, we are in this together and I won't leave her behind. Second, I am a minimal kind of girl. Running with minimalist shoes requires gradual training to build up strength in my ankles and feet. And obviously in my calves too! Since I took time off (I have only ran a couple times in 6+ months), I need to take it slow so that I don't injure myself. 

One hour of karate down, one more to go tonight!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I finished this round of nine weeks and next week is PR/Rest Week! Woohoo! I am finally done with pressing the 10kg bells (a few to go on Wednesday though)/ Moving on to the 12kg bells in two weeks! Here is my workout today:

140 snatches - 12kg bell
60 presses - two 10kg bells
45 squats - two 10kg bells
75 swings - two 10kg bells

I didn't get in my push presses or double jerks today, I was exhausted. I should have done my presses on Sunday.

I went to the Y early and ran/walked 2.25 miles on the track before class. That's probably why I was so tired during kettlebell class! I went pretty fast during my running segments, I can honestly say I missed it. Meeting my friend before class on Wednesday to run again. Her ankle has healed and her schedule calmed down.

An hour of karate after kettlebells, I cleaned my kitchen floor when I got home, did homework with this kids, dinner, and another hour of kids karate. This week will be busy too as I am volunteering at school 3 days this week on top of my normal chaos! Karate tournament on Saturday, celebrate birthdays of my oldest 2 with my parents afterwards, karate stripe/belt test on Sunday. When can I take my nap????

Monday, February 25, 2013

Karate Kids

The kid's karate class made our local paper! My oldest was interviewed, but they spelled her name wrong. That's ok, I know who she is!

YMCA Offers Karate, Kettlebell

Last Wednesday

Here is last week's recap:

2 cases of the stomach flu
1 case of strep throat
1 day off school due to some random holiday
1 day off school due to weather

Needless to say, I was running a little ragged and didn't have much time to blog Wednesday's workout. Here it is:

64 squats - 24kg bell
15 swings - 24kg bell
9 cleans - two 10kg bells
9 presses - two 10kg bells
9 snatches - two 12kg bells
9 overhead squats - two 12kg bells
3 TGUs - 12kg bell
6 snatches - 12kg bell
6 windmills - 12kg bells

I also decided to do a 10 minute swing test. I did 120 swings in that time period with a 32kg bell. That's 70.5lbs!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hanging in there

Still a lot of sickness going around my house and so far I have managed to avoid it. Doesn't give me much time to work out at home, but that's ok.

On Monday, I lifted 10,490 lbs! Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Anyway, that's what it said when I logged my workout online. Here's what I did:

140 snatches - 12kg bell
40 presses - two 10kg bells
30 squats - two 10kg bells
50 swings - two 10kg bells
10 push presses - two 12kg bells
10 double jerks - two 12kg bells

And an hour of karate afterward. We didn't make it to karate that night due to our own Germ Fest 2013. No class today because it's old people day at the Y, but the kids will hopefully make it to karate tonight. Making up my classes tomorrow!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Back with a Vengeance

Stomach flu.

I have been up since 1:30 this morning with my son. He has been throwing up about every 10 minutes since. It finally seems to be calming down a bit, thank goodness! Poor guy is completely miserable, I don't think he has ever been this sick before. And he is missing his Valentine's Day party at school. Shaun dropped off his Valentine cards at school and his teacher will send them home with my oldest. At least he can have something to look forward to this afternoon. Hopefully his tummy will calm down by then.

I am completely exhausted. Since I got up with him, I am now contaminated and have full responsibility. (Just wait until the next one gets sick, it's all on Shaun!) I have cleaned the carpet 4 times, cleaned a mattress, cleaned the couch, done full 2 loads of laundry, given at least 3 baths, and cleaned the bathroom countless times in the last 9 hours. Not fun since I have only had about 2 hours of sleep since yesterday morning. I just hope I don't catch this next!

On a brighter note, our sick family member should be released from the hospital. I was supposed to go and help out, but I can't now. So Shaun is going instead.

Well, I better get back to watching the 1980s version of Transformers with my sick little boy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busy as a Bee!

After last week's "issues", we did in fact make it through the weekend unscathed. However on Monday, a whole new round of medical drama ensued and has kept all of us pretty stressed and bury. Fortunately, it's no one in our household, but it's still a close family member. Lots of traveling going on and probably some long term changes, for the patient and for us as well.

Despite everything going on, I still managed to get to class on Monday and today. My shoulders were a little sore after Monday, but I did push myself pretty hard. I guess I will see if I am sore tomorrow too. Two and a half weeks to go until Rest/PR week! I am excited to see how I have progressed since last time!

Monday's Workout

140 snatches - 12kg bell (this is where I pushed myself, did only 100 last week)
15 presses - two 10kg bells
15 squats - two 10kg bells
25 swings - two 10kg bells
10 push presses - two 12kg bells
10 double jerks - two 12kg bells
30 pullovers - 18lb bell

Wednesday's Workout

55 squats - 24kg bell (equivalent to 53lbs)
9 cleans - two 10kg bells
9 presses - two 10kg bells
9 squats - two 10kg bells
9 swings - two 10kg bells
9 (snatch + overhead squat) - two 10kg bells
3 TGUs, 6 snatches, 6 windmills - 12kg bell

Funny story about the overhead squats today. It's a double snatch, squat, rack the bells, and repeat. One my second set of three, when I stood up out of the squat, my sweaty feet started to slide out from under me! Luckily, I was able to catch myself. I don't think doing an accidental split with a total of 44lbs over my head would be very fun! So for future reference, do the overhead squats on a yoga mat or wear my minimalist shoes!

Keep in mind that I do an hour of karate immediately following kettlebell class and another hour of karate in the evenings helping in the kids class. I refer to Mondays and Wednesdays as my sleepy days because it takes a lot out of me. I do love it though! And watch the Mansfield News Journal over the next few days, they are doing a story on the karate and ketllebell classes! I will post a link to the actual story once it's published.
Also, I went to the Y early today, fully intending to run before class. It's didn't happen. Iended helping another classmate who also arrived early with a few things and then ran into an old friend I haven't seen in months, so we chatted for a bit. I will get back to it though!

Friday, February 8, 2013

What a week!!!

This week started out with my youngest getting the stomach flu. That night, she stubbed her toe. The next day, my cold decided to make its appearance. And that night, the bruising on Emily's toe got bad pretty fast so we took a trip to the ER where we learned that her toe was actually broken! They taped it up and mentioned that she needed a special shoe to walk in for a few weeks but they didn't have one to fit her tiny little feet.

So yesterday morning, I spent a good hour on the phone calling local medical supply stores and doctors trying to find one of these shoes. No one had it and doctors wanted to actually see her in order to give her one. I finally found someone to see her that same day. Then I wanted to take a nap, that was exhausting.

I brought a copy of one of her xrays from the ER with me to the doctor and he didn't think it was actually broken, rather just severely bruised. So he took a couple of his own and decided her toe IS broken, just not in the same spot the ER doctor thought. He taped it up with different tape and gave her a new shoe.No gym class for three weeks, keep the shoe on for that long as well, then another trip to the doctor to see how she's doing.

Now it's Friday. I still have my cold, but I am hoping for an uneventful weekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I feel blah today. I am congested and my ears feel funky again. I went to kettlebells and karate this morning, but am skipping out on the kids class tonight, I just feel yucky.

I worked on the heavy bag yesterday, six 2-minute rounds with one minute of rest in between. I got some frustration out with that and my upper back was a little sore this morning on top of the yuck.

Kettlebell Workout:

55 squats - 22kg bell
9 cleans - two 10kg bells
9 presses - two 10kg bells
9 squats - two 10kg bells
9 swings - two 10kg bells
9 snatches - two 10kg bells
9 overhead squats - two 10kg bells
3 TGUs - 12kg bell
6 windmills - 12kg bell
6 snatches - 12kg bell

I am getting bored with the 10kg bells. I will move up to the 12kg soon, just a couple more weeks, then rest week, then the 12s!

Karate was good, worked on the basic katas, and did some heavy bag work for a good 20 minutes. I got to practice some kicks. It's so much easier to practice kicks on a stationary bag versus my hanging one. Tomorrow, I am going to rest. My sinuses are strongly encouraging me to do so, and I have a feeling I will be more sore tomorrow. That's ok though. Except the sinus part, that's yucky.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Not much to say about Monday's workout.

100 snatches in 10 minutes with 12kg
20 push presses with two 12kg bells
20 double jerks with two 12kg bells

Then my hour of karate. Kids class was canceled due to weather. Hopefully there won't be too many cancelled in the next month because they have their second tournament coming up at the beginning of March! It's against another local school. I am excited for them!


On Sunday, I got to introduce a friend to kettlebells! I had been telling her about it the last few months and she wanted to check it out. We put her straight to work doing naked TGUs (naked meaning no weights, NOT no clothes). She did a lot of those! My instructor let me work with her but kept her eye on us. After my friend got the hang of it, I did my workout: 3x4 ladder of presses, squats, and swings with two 10kg bells.

After I finished, my friend took a break and I showed her swings, snatches, overhead squats, etc. Pretty much all of my mad moves! Then I showed her a TGU with a 10kg bell and the instructor came over and had my friend try a few TGUs with a 10lb bell while I spotted her. It's a whole new experience even with a little bit of weight!

I think she really liked it. I hope she decides to join the class!