Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Little Late on Thursday....

I met up with my friend Thursday morning to lift. I love it, we just chat and laugh and lift. Although, I did have her promise not to make my laugh while I am actually lifting! Not a good combination!

We did 30 pullovers (18lb), 15 push presses (2 14kg bells), 15 double jerks (2 14kg bells), and a 10 minute swing test. I did 100 swings with the 32kg in that 10 minutes. Last time I did that, it wasn't timed. I admit, it was a little tougher and my hip hurt that final minute, but I did it! I also managed to get my 15 push-ups too, regular style, not girly!

Speaking of push-ups....I run the kids karate class through their warm-ups: we stretch a bit, 5 push-ups, repeat a couple more times. The kids end up doing 15 push-ups total. So last Wednesday, we were doing the first set of 5 and I wasn't really paying much attention and we did 6. The kids (of course) called me out on it, so to save face, I informed them that we had been doing 3 sets of 5 for quite a while and we were moving on to 3 sets of 6! So we did 18 push-ups instead of 15 that night! I just hope I can remember to do that from now on!!!

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