Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday + Monday

I didn't make it to class yesterday. My dad called, wanting Shaun to hook up his new stereo under the guise of inviting us for dinner. Insert eye roll. But we actually enjoy spending time with my dad (as long as he is in a decent mood, lol), so we headed down to his house and had a nice time.

So this morning, I combined today's and yesterday's workouts. Not unusual for me, but I am moving away from that as I increase weight, it can be hard! So here is what I did today:

100 snatches in 10 minutes with the 12kg, I am really concentrating on my form, especially since I increased the weight today.

1x4 ladder of double presses, squats with 1 press at the top, and 5 swings, with two 10kg bells.

10 double jerks, two 14kg bells

10 push presses, two 14kg bells

30 pullovers, 18lbs

A ladder can be confusing, the 1 is how many sets, the 4 is where you start the reps. Today, I did 4 presses, 4 squats + 1 press, and 5 swings, rest, 3 presses, 3 squats + 1 press, 5 swings, rest, 2 presses, 2 squats + 1 press, 5 swings, rest, and finally 1 press, 1 squat + 1 press, 5 swings. All of that is 1 set. Next week, I will do a 2x4 ladder, so I will do 2 sets.

My friend told me today that she can't believe how far I have come with kettlebells. I don't really see it. But I can see a couple things. When I first learned to press, I could barely get the 12kg bell up on my right and not at all with my left. During rest week, I got a PR pressing with the 16kg bells. I can swing 32kg, roughly 71lbs. That is no easy feat! And since I have only been doing it since August, that is pretty good. I just wish my body with catch up a little faster!

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