Thursday, January 10, 2013


Since I didn't get to do complex 3 yesterday (tgu with a couple windmills and snatches thrown in there), I made it up today. Completed 3 sets with a 10kg bell. Then I went on to do 100 swings with a 32kg bell (slightly over 70lbs). I did an easy 10 sets of 10, no timer. It was my second time swinging that bell, first time doing that many! Last, I did 30 pullovers with the 18lb bell.

It doesn't seem like I did much, but it was definitely a full body workout and I have no doubt that I will be feeling it tomorrow!

My husband straightened up the house while I was gone and took me on a sushi lunch date after my workout! He is awesome! Unfortunately, I forgot to take my meds and I feel like total crap this afternoon. I have a sinus thing that has settled in my ears. While my ears aren't infected yet, they are full of fluid. If I don't feel better in a couple days, it's antibiotic time. Now I must go in search of more advil.....

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