Monday, January 7, 2013

Snatch Test Part 1

My legs are finally back to normal as of yesterday! But my shoulders were sore most of the weekend, I think that was from the heavy bag workout I did on Friday. I have also been sleeping funny due to my newest tattoo and that didn't help either.

By the time I made it to kettlebell class this morning, my advil had kicked in and I went straight to snatching. The goal of a snatch test is 200 snatches in 10 minutes, if you can manage that 2 weeks in a row, you get to move up to the next weight. I had been doing 140 snatches with a 10kg the last several weeks. I decided to go for 200 today, I had been stagnant long enough.

The first few rounds weren't too bad, then by the fourth or fifth I was beat. I was only getting about 15 seconds to rest between each set and that wasn't quite long enough! I pushed and got a couple more sets in. By round 8, I figured it would be stupid to give up on 200 now since I was so close. And then I finally finished and collapsed on my mat. One more week of this and I get to move up to a 12 kg bell!

Snatching and running have a lot in common. Both are physically hard, they get your heart rate going, you get sweaty, out of breath, and your body feels like it's just going to give out. And that's where your head comes in. You are either going to finish running or snatching or you aren't. When I would run, I would tell myself, just to that third mail box and I can walk. I get to that mailbox and think, just to that big tree, etc. Before I know it, I've made my goal. With snatching, it's the same. Just another round, one more. Before I know it, I am so close to the end, I may as well finish. Because if I give up, it will be that much harder next time!

After my collapse, I went on to do a 2x3 ladder of double presses, squats, and swings with the 10kg bells. Then I did push presses and double jerks with two 14kg bells. I only managed five of each, which was disappointing after doing 15 last week. But I have a feeling that's what killed my legs last week and snatching took a lot out of me.

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