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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Workout

55 squats with 24kg (that's about 53lbs)

3x3 (no ladder) of double cleans, double presses, squats, and swings. I used 2 10kg bells for this. I usually switch and go with something heavier for swings and squats, but my hip is still a little sore.

3x3 (no ladder) of double snatch plus overhead squat, also with 2 10kg bells.

And 3 TGUs with some snatches and windmills thrown in there with a 10kg bell.

Then an hour of karate and tonight another hour of karate with the kids.

I look forward to next week when I start snatching the 12kg bell. And in about 6 weeks, I start pressing the 12kg.

My hip is actually a lot better than it was. Still pretty sore though. I may go back to the chiropractor one more time, just to be safe. And I won't let these things go anymore!

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