Thursday, January 3, 2013


Did I mention I was a little sore in my last post? I am hurting today for sure!

I have no idea what made me sore. Yes, I increased my weight for hard press day, but only by a total of 8lbs. And I did significantly increase my weight for push presses and double jerks, but only because I did so well with my PR. I double-checked with my instructor to make sure I wasn't overdoing it. Or maybe it was rest week #2 that did it. I don't know.

I walked into class yesterday pretty sore. My workout consisted of 55 squats, 9 double presses, cleans, more squats, swings, double snatch with an overhead squats, and 3 TGUs with some windmills and snatches thrown in there.

I did not want to do those 55 squats. So I got those over with first with a 22kg bell. Then on to the press, clean, squat, swing complex. I finished that with 2 10kg bells. More squats. Overhead this time. Got a few pointers so they don't pull in my lower back as much.

At this point, I had about 10 minutes left in class and was ready to call it quits. But I still had those TGUs left. So I did it. I used a 12kg bell, but may go down to a 10kg next time. My wrist wasn't quite strong enough to stay straight. And I was tired.

My legs hurt today.

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