Tuesday, February 5, 2013


On Sunday, I got to introduce a friend to kettlebells! I had been telling her about it the last few months and she wanted to check it out. We put her straight to work doing naked TGUs (naked meaning no weights, NOT no clothes). She did a lot of those! My instructor let me work with her but kept her eye on us. After my friend got the hang of it, I did my workout: 3x4 ladder of presses, squats, and swings with two 10kg bells.

After I finished, my friend took a break and I showed her swings, snatches, overhead squats, etc. Pretty much all of my mad moves! Then I showed her a TGU with a 10kg bell and the instructor came over and had my friend try a few TGUs with a 10lb bell while I spotted her. It's a whole new experience even with a little bit of weight!

I think she really liked it. I hope she decides to join the class!

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