Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Race for Education

5 minute warmup, 10 minute run, 3 minute walk, 10 minute run

Today is the Race for Education at my kids school. It is their only fundraiser for the entire year and they raise about $20,000. People can sponsor the students either by paying per lap or just a flat donation. The kids have fun and get some exercise and parents don't have to worry about buying useless, overpriced crap from a bunch of little fundraisers throughout the year.

I always go and run with my kids and/or volunteer to help. This year I ran. I was out there for almost 2 hours between my 3 kids. I got my Week 6 Day 2 run finished in the first hour and ran some extra laps. The second hour, Caitlin came out and I ran Week 5 Day 2 with her. I didn't finish with her on the last 8 minute run (I was exhausted!) but still managed to run a few extra laps. She did great, I think this was the most laps she has ever ran since she started school.

My total distance for this morning was 5.5 miles. A personal record for me in distance. It is also the longest I have gone in my minimalist shoes. My arches hurt. And I need a nap. However, I have to return to teach my 8th period class. At least it's only one today.

I am so proud of all the kids going out to run today. I was out with preschool through 5th grade. They all did great!

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  1. Running for a good cause while stumbling on a personal best distance... hmmm... I'd say that makes for a purdy good day :)