Thursday, October 20, 2011

Braving it

Fall is here. Changing leaves, the crisp cool air, cooler temperatures. I love it!

This year, fall is bringing wind and rain along with it. While I don't mind the rain so much, I hate wind.

Today (and the last couple days) have been like that. Windy and rainy. I didn't run yesterday, I just wasn't feeling it. But I was determined to go out today.

I got up early, got the kids started this morning, and headed to the hospital for my blood work. Ate a granola bar on the way home and debated on running outside or as Pastor calls it, The Dreadmill. I definitely was not in the mood to stare at clutter, so outside it was.

Fortunately, it was only misting. The wind was gusty though. And it was under 50 degrees.

So I dressed for the weather in my new long sleeve running shirt, new jacket, and new headband (I love it, it says "One Bad Mother Runner"). Started stretching and had to run back inside and grab some gloves. I stayed pretty warm.

I wasn't too sure what my plan was, so I just started running. Three miles would have been fabulous, so in my head, I planned to go around the block twice and down this one road that would take me pretty close to three miles, maybe slightly over. I made it around my block and on down the road and I was getting a little tired, but I was feeling pretty good. Until I got close to my street and a huge gust of wind just about knocked me over!

I was done! I turned onto my road instead of going straight and headed home. I ran 2 miles exactly and I give myself mental credit for the third just for braving the elements.

My time was 25:26, so about a 12:43 mile which is great for me! I have been averaging about a minute slower per mile.

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