Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally got some intervals in!

Saturday. It was too windy for me. 30+ mph winds. Crazy!

Sunday. We had a busy day hanging out with various friends. It was awesome and we had a blast.

Monday. It was chilly and breezy. No more excuses! I texted Pastor to meet me at the track and he complied. He is an awesome friend and coach like that! We did 2 laps to warmup and stretch. Then onto intervals. We did 4 laps, sprinting the long stretch and finishing the lap at a slow run. Then we stopped to stretch a bit and so I could learn to breathe again.

Originally, we planned to do 4 more interval laps. But Pastor had a different idea. He thought it would boost my confidence to beat my PR on a 1 mile run (which is slightly over 12 minutes). My brain immediately went into are-you-freaking-crazy-I-just-did-4-freaking-laps-of-intervals-I'll-be-lucky-to-have-2-more-freaking-laps-in-me-let-alone-4 mode. Then I shrugged my shoulders and said "Let's go".

Pastor decided I would do an 11 minute mile, about 2 minutes and 45 seconds per lap. He would pace me and annoy the crap out of me to keep me going. So I pushed. After the second lap, I felt done. I was exhausted. My side was started to cramp, my calves were burning, my nose was running, and my breathing sounded like an angry buffalo.

But you know what's cool about Pastor? He doesn't let me give up. He knew I was struggling. But he didn't let up on me. He continued to pace me and spew motivational words at me and I managed that third lap, barely. The fourth lap, I was mostly numb. I had really been pushing. But I finally made it. Even managed to pick up some speed on the home stretch.

My time? Well, once I could breathe again, Pastor told me. We ran one mile in 11:07. Beat my previous PR by a whole minute. Woohoo!

And you know what else? I didn't decide I was finished then wither. I told Pastor that 2 more laps would put me at 3 miles for the day. My only stipulation was "Can we go slow?". So we did it. And plus one. Total mileage this morning 3.25.

Thanks Pastor! I don't think I could've accomplished so much today without you!

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