Monday, October 24, 2011

Post Race

I am so proud of Caitlin, she did great!

Pastor ended up running with her, as Shaun ended up having to work. Her first 2 miles were 10 minutes miles and her third was nearly 15 minutes. She struggled. But Pastor encouraged her and kept her going. She ran the entire race in 34:52 and placed 10th in her age group. This morning she is sore and tired, but says she is going to keep running. She is awesome!

I did great my first 2 miles as well, I paced exactly 11:30 each one (those intervals are already paying off). And like Caitlin, I struggled that third mile. I did very briefly walk 3 times during that last mile, but I am still very happy with my race. I finished in 38:38, a personal record for me, by a minute and a half.

I think we both struggled that last mile because we have only been running 2 miles. I am going to start running 3 miles each time I go out instead of 2. And it won't be long until I am ready for my next race!

The race itself was a blast! It was very well organized and had a Halloween theme. Tons of great post-race snacks, hot apple cider, fun music, fabulous door-prizes, and the trophies were a hoot. People were dressed up in costumes. It was a great race for Caitlin's first, she had a lot of fun! Kudos to the organizers, we hope to do it again next year!

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