Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I was a teensy weensy bit sore after running on Monday. I forgot to stretch since I went straight to kettlebells and my calves hurt!!! I'm glad no one saw me getting out of bed the last two mornings, I have no doubt it was comical!

This morning, I met up with my friend to run on the indoor track at the Y before kettlebells. I definitely slowed down my pace since I was a little stiff. We are doing the 5k101 program and started with Week 2. It's a 5 minute warm up, (2.5 minute run,2.5 minute walk- repeating so that you have 5 "runs"), then a cool down.We got in about 2.25 miles and I made sure to stretch before and after this time. We aren't always able to run together, but we are going to stay on the same week. And I think we are going to plan a 5k so we have a goal!

Kettlebells was good. I got in my whole workout with a little extra. I admit that I am glad next week is Rest Week. Even though it's not really resting. It will be interesting to see how much my strength has increased since the last one 9 weeks ago! Here is today's workout:

55 squats - 24kg

Complex 1
9 cleans - two 10kg
9 presses - two 10kg
9 swings - 24kg
9 squats - 24kg

Complex 2
9 snatches - two 10kg
9 overhead squats - two 10kg

Complex 3
3 TGUs - 12kg
6 snatches - 12kg
6 windmills - 12kg

30 pullovers - 18lb

I honestly think kettlebells has been enough cardio maintenance that getting back into running isn't a big deal. And my core is stronger, that is a big help. I can definitely run longer than 2.5 minutes with no problem. Why don't I? Two reasons. First, I have a running partner to think about, we are in this together and I won't leave her behind. Second, I am a minimal kind of girl. Running with minimalist shoes requires gradual training to build up strength in my ankles and feet. And obviously in my calves too! Since I took time off (I have only ran a couple times in 6+ months), I need to take it slow so that I don't injure myself. 

One hour of karate down, one more to go tonight!

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