Monday, February 25, 2013

Last Wednesday

Here is last week's recap:

2 cases of the stomach flu
1 case of strep throat
1 day off school due to some random holiday
1 day off school due to weather

Needless to say, I was running a little ragged and didn't have much time to blog Wednesday's workout. Here it is:

64 squats - 24kg bell
15 swings - 24kg bell
9 cleans - two 10kg bells
9 presses - two 10kg bells
9 snatches - two 12kg bells
9 overhead squats - two 12kg bells
3 TGUs - 12kg bell
6 snatches - 12kg bell
6 windmills - 12kg bells

I also decided to do a 10 minute swing test. I did 120 swings in that time period with a 32kg bell. That's 70.5lbs!

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