Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I feel blah today. I am congested and my ears feel funky again. I went to kettlebells and karate this morning, but am skipping out on the kids class tonight, I just feel yucky.

I worked on the heavy bag yesterday, six 2-minute rounds with one minute of rest in between. I got some frustration out with that and my upper back was a little sore this morning on top of the yuck.

Kettlebell Workout:

55 squats - 22kg bell
9 cleans - two 10kg bells
9 presses - two 10kg bells
9 squats - two 10kg bells
9 swings - two 10kg bells
9 snatches - two 10kg bells
9 overhead squats - two 10kg bells
3 TGUs - 12kg bell
6 windmills - 12kg bell
6 snatches - 12kg bell

I am getting bored with the 10kg bells. I will move up to the 12kg soon, just a couple more weeks, then rest week, then the 12s!

Karate was good, worked on the basic katas, and did some heavy bag work for a good 20 minutes. I got to practice some kicks. It's so much easier to practice kicks on a stationary bag versus my hanging one. Tomorrow, I am going to rest. My sinuses are strongly encouraging me to do so, and I have a feeling I will be more sore tomorrow. That's ok though. Except the sinus part, that's yucky.

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