Friday, February 8, 2013

What a week!!!

This week started out with my youngest getting the stomach flu. That night, she stubbed her toe. The next day, my cold decided to make its appearance. And that night, the bruising on Emily's toe got bad pretty fast so we took a trip to the ER where we learned that her toe was actually broken! They taped it up and mentioned that she needed a special shoe to walk in for a few weeks but they didn't have one to fit her tiny little feet.

So yesterday morning, I spent a good hour on the phone calling local medical supply stores and doctors trying to find one of these shoes. No one had it and doctors wanted to actually see her in order to give her one. I finally found someone to see her that same day. Then I wanted to take a nap, that was exhausting.

I brought a copy of one of her xrays from the ER with me to the doctor and he didn't think it was actually broken, rather just severely bruised. So he took a couple of his own and decided her toe IS broken, just not in the same spot the ER doctor thought. He taped it up with different tape and gave her a new shoe.No gym class for three weeks, keep the shoe on for that long as well, then another trip to the doctor to see how she's doing.

Now it's Friday. I still have my cold, but I am hoping for an uneventful weekend!

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