Friday, March 1, 2013

Approaching Swimsuit Season with Caution

I am hoping to lose more weight before our annual trip to the beach. I have 17lbs to go to hit weight goal #1. Ever since the flu came to visit our house, I haven't had much of an appetite. I blame the massive amounts of vomit I had to clean up. Because of the lack of appetite, I have been really careful with what and how much I eat. Some days it's a little harder than others. I admit I am a comfort/boredom eater. I have been trying to ask myself whether I am actually hungry when I want to snack or eat a second helping.

The other day, I tried on a swimsuit for the beach. Even though I weigh the same as last year's trip, I was able to go down a size in my bottoms because I have lost inches. And have I mentioned my jeans are looser? I find that I keep having to pull them up. I don't think it's time to size down in that department quite yet though. Maybe by next winter.

I would like to be at weight goal #1 by the end of this year, I am ok with not being there by summer time. I worry that if I lose it too quickly, it will just come back. I want to concentrate on changing my eating habits, continue with kettlebells, karate, and running, and I figure the pounds will drop on their own. 

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