Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I finished this round of nine weeks and next week is PR/Rest Week! Woohoo! I am finally done with pressing the 10kg bells (a few to go on Wednesday though)/ Moving on to the 12kg bells in two weeks! Here is my workout today:

140 snatches - 12kg bell
60 presses - two 10kg bells
45 squats - two 10kg bells
75 swings - two 10kg bells

I didn't get in my push presses or double jerks today, I was exhausted. I should have done my presses on Sunday.

I went to the Y early and ran/walked 2.25 miles on the track before class. That's probably why I was so tired during kettlebell class! I went pretty fast during my running segments, I can honestly say I missed it. Meeting my friend before class on Wednesday to run again. Her ankle has healed and her schedule calmed down.

An hour of karate after kettlebells, I cleaned my kitchen floor when I got home, did homework with this kids, dinner, and another hour of kids karate. This week will be busy too as I am volunteering at school 3 days this week on top of my normal chaos! Karate tournament on Saturday, celebrate birthdays of my oldest 2 with my parents afterwards, karate stripe/belt test on Sunday. When can I take my nap????

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