Monday, September 19, 2011

Still hurting

I hate this. Woke up Sunday and my feet hurt. Not too bad, but noticeable enough. Today, they are a little better but still hurt. I am at a loss. I am not sure if it's injury pain or if my feet muscles are simply sore. Ugh.

So this morning, I have a dilemma. Run or not run? Barefoot shoes or try my regular shoes? Why can't my feet just get completely better?

Dilemma Update: I decided to go on the treadmill (raining outside) with my barefoot shoes. Today is my final run in Week 3. I felt good during my warmup, noticed a little burning in my right foot. I am guessing (hoping) that is from working my muscles. During my run, I felt pretty good. Noticed I was scrunching up my toes and had to keep forcing myself to relax my feet. Did my cool down, stretched pretty good. My feet actually feel better post-run, not sure if that is due to the advil I took ahead of time or just from working and stretching my muscles. I will go with the latter, it makes me happier. I am hoping I am past the actual injury and my current pain is from building up my feet. That makes me happy too.

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