Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Foot pain

My foot is slowly getting better. It hurts less to just walk around, I am almost not limping! However, I still get a sharp pain when I land mid-foot. I am trying my best to hold out till Saturday before I run again. I am praying that by then it will be healed enough to go out. This beautiful, cool weather is killing me!

I still believe it was caused by over-tight calf muscles. Another tidbit of interest I picked up was to make sure your heel lands on the ground with the mid-foot strike. Otherwise, your calf muscles won't lengthen and will get too tight. I know my heels weren't even touching the ground when I run uphill (unfortunate side-effect of living where I do). So when I get back out there, I will need to make a conscious effort to lower my heels.

I am starting to get a little antsy too. I even gained a few pounds already from only running once in 10 days. I need to keep my stomach in-check, but it's hard when one of my medications seems to make me hungry! I did buy a giant bag of broccoli to snack on. But I have a feeling it won't satisfy my craving for something sweet. Grrr.....

Hurry up foot! I am begging you!

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  1. It is frustrating to have to back off when you are starting to enjoy running now more than ever. You will return to the roads before you know it. Good thoughts!