Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yup. I know.

I'm a total slacker. So let's recap the past year, shall we?

*I lost approximately 20lbs between January and June. Woohoo!

*In May, I face-planted in the road on a run and sprained my ankle pretty bad.

*Later that month, I lost my running partner.

*Started slacking on my running.....

*Dealt with some pretty serious depression during the spring and summer.

*Picked up a Karate class at the end of June! Loving it!

*Still slacking on my running.

*In the early fall, I picked up a Kettlebell class in addition to Karate. Loving it too!

*Last week I found a new running partner! Back to running!

Karate and Kettlebells have done more for me both physically and mentally than anything else I have tried. Between January and June, I was working out 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week. The last few months, I have been working out 2 hours a day, 2 days a week. I now have muscle tone, I have maintained the weight loss, and I feel stronger and more confident. People tell me I look like I have slimmed down quite a bit the last few months, and though I am not losing that in weight, I am in inches.

I have my yellow belt in Karate and am very close to getting my orange belt. I have also began helping with the kids' Karate class in the evenings.

My new running partner I met through Kettlebell class. We both wanted to do a little more, so it's back to a 5k running program! We are doing the 5k 101 if you are interested. We meet before Kettlebell class to run 2 days a week and meet on a third day during the week to run and do extra kettlebells on our own.

I can't put all this out there without mentioning the awesome people I have met through these classes. They have become great friends and I enjoy working out and hanging out with them!

I am hoping to start 2013 continuing to grow stronger both mentally and physically, get back into running full force (so much easier with a friend!), and building my self-esteem.

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  1. Glad to see you returned to running again. Happy 2013