Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!

We joined the local YMCA the other day. A good friend of mine begged me to join so we could go together. However, by the time I joined, it was only another $20 a month for Shaun to join. And then, by the time we paid that, it was only another $10 to add all three kids. So we just did it. Funny how that works!

So later that night, I met up with K (same friend that just cost me an arm and a leg) and we "worked out" together. Started on the treadmill (feels like forever since I have ran) and I made her run a whole mile straight at a 12 minute pace. It about killed her, but she did it. And I was secretly happy that I barely broke a sweat!

Next was the stair machine, which wasn't bad. Then K wanted to do some ab work. Which, after having 3 kids, kills me. But I did it (and am paying for it 48 hours later). I think we may try to meet up a few days a week and do this.

There is a yoga class I may sign up for with Caitlin. Some "grown up" girl time. And K and I may attempt a Zumba class and make fools out of ourselves. Neither of us is very coordinated.

All in all though, I think this will be good for us. I need to get back into my running (their treadmills are better than mine and with the cold weather around, that's good) and I definitely need to lose weight. So here's to 2012, weight loss and running!

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