Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Rest Week of Sorts

I didn't make it to class Monday. After spending some time in the ER over the weekend making sure my appendix wasn't about to blow up and coming home with other issues, I opted out. I returned to class Wednesday and took it a little easy. I am feeling better today.

Here is Wednesday's workout:

9 presses - two 12kg bells
9 squats - two 12kg bells
9 swings - two 12kg bells
9 cleans - two 12kg bells
9 snatches - two 12kg bells
9 overhead squats - two 12kg bells
55 squats - 24kg bell

And yes, that was 'easy' for me. In fact, it wasn't even a complete workout. I also finished off with an hour of karate. Hoping to get to class tonight too!

On another note, we got a new puppy. She is a Puggle named Zoey. She is very sweet and quite well-mannered. It's only been a few days and she is adjusting very well!

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