Monday, November 7, 2011

6 days, 3 runs, 12.75 miles

Wednesday, 4 miles
Saturday, 3.25 miles
Today, 5.5 miles

I am definitely bumping up my game now. And you know what? I feel better with these longer distances than with the shorter ones. It almost feels easier in a way. I guess I was ready to move on. A new route probably helps too.

There is a half-marathon relay coming up in less than a month. Shaun and I are considering it, but he is worried about the weather. There is a 5k that day too, so maybe we will do that instead. 3.1 miles in crappy weather is better than 6.55!

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  1. 6.55 is better in crappy weather than 3.1 because by then, your body actually warms